Friday, November 7, 2014

November Birthdays

Edward Needles Hallowell, born November 3, 1836
"Ned," as he was known to family and friends, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in a well-to-do Quaker abolitionist family. His father, Morris Longstreth Hallowell was part owner and operator of Hallowell & Company, which imported and sold silk from India and China. Morris and Hannah Penrose Hallowell had a family of eight children; Ned was the third son. He was named for Edward Needles, president of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, a friend of the family. The family's homes were used as stops on the Underground Railroad. Ned's two older brothers were William and Richard a younger brother, Norwood Penrose, known as "Pen", also served in the Union Army during the war. Edward Hallowell was 24 years old when the Civil War began. He died 10 years later of causes related to his wartime service.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, born November 12, 1815

Elizabeth Cady was the eighth of 11 children born to Daniel and Margaret Livingston Cady in Johnstown, in what later became Fulton County, New York.  Daniel Cady was a prominent Federalist attorney who, at the time of Elizabeth's birth, was serving a term in the United States Congress. As a young lawyer, he worked with Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Daniel Cady later became a circuit court judge and, in 1847 to 1854, a New York Supreme Court justice.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton was 45 years old when the Civil War began; she was the mother of seven children, aged two to nineteen years.

Mary Edwards Walker, born November 26, 1832
Mary Edwards Walker was born in the town of Oswego, New York, the daughter of Alvah and Vesta Whitcomb Walker, who was a cousin of Robert Ingersoll. Mary was the youngest of five daughters: Aurora, Luna, Vesta, and Cynthia; they had one younger brother, Alvah, Jr.  Mary Walker was 28 years old when the Civil War began.

Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain, born November 30, 1835

Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri, the son of Jane (née Lampton; 1803–1890), a native of Kentucky, and John Marshall Clemens (1798–1847), from a Virginia family that owned slaves. Sam, named after his father's father, was the sixth of seven children.  Sam Clemens was 25 years old when the Civil War began.

Fanny Kemble, born November 27, 1809
Frances Anne Kemble was born in London, England, on November 27, 1809, the daughter of the English actor, Charles Kemble, and his Viennese-born wife, Marie Therese De Camp, a ballet dancer and actress. She first went to the United States in 1832, at the age of 23.  The 30-day voyage was the first of the 18 trans-Atlantic crossings Kemble made in her lifetime. She was 51 years old when the Civil War began.

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